Adelante / Unmuted (MUC / D)


For these three Munich based guys music has always been a connection on a higher level that linked them just like invisible strings. At some point it became a logical decision to leave the dancefloor and to reach out for the decks. The producer and DJ collective Adelante was born. The name Adelante originates from the term that is widely used in Spain and South America and paraphrases the order ahead! which is the subliminal credo of the boys.

Lines drawn between single genres like Deep-, Tech-, Afro-House or Techno are effortlessly trespassed within their productions and DJ sets as they often contain moving and percussive elements as well as melodic and deep ones. Being residents at the unmuted events Adelante was given the playground to perform DJ sets e. g. at the Starkstrom Festival and the famous Harry Klein Club in Munich. In 2018 Adelante also joined the Austrian crew of Musical.Collective based in Vienna.

This year Adelante is finally going for their first releases – e. g. on the Ibiza based label Haustronaut. The story only just started…..wanna be a part of it? Here are the next dates:

22.07.18: Traumfänger Festival, München
09.08.18: Harry Klein unmuted Vol. 6

March 29, 2018