Loopus K


In times of EDM’s dominancy in the worldwide music scene it’s rather difficult to find originals. Due to the rejuvenescence of DJs and Producers it’s hard to meet Discjockeys who still stick to the goodness of oldschool DJs work. But don’t be afraid – help is just around the corner – ’cause Loopus K is one of them.

Inspired by the early works of the likes of Marshall Jefferson, DJ Spen, Karizma or Dennis Ferrer, Loopus K became a resident DJ at one of Vienna’s hotspots in the late eighties and so was one of Austrias very first DJs who mixed the typical late 80s / early 90s sound with drops of the first and finest house tunes that you could possibly get from your local record dealer.

Not much has changed ever since: Apart from housemusic becoming an commercial worldwirde mass phenomenon only few people have chosen to stick to their roots, stand for the origin of all electronic music nowadays and sort the audiences ears with what was the beginning of all EDM and electronic music: Deep, soulful, disco-ish, oldschool house tunes.

Loopus K is: A music lover – A DJ from heart – A Defected addict (who isn’t) – A housemusic purist.

And so are his sets: deep, soulful, thoughtful, but always with a modern approach and always with one (or two) eyes on the dancefloor. So if you are looking for pure housemusic, an oldschool vibe plus the ability to commit oneself to his audience – Loopus K is one of the last advocates of true house music. An ambassador of original values. A musician at heart. And just the guy you’ve been looking for.

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