Jungle & Juice


Jungle & Juice is a DJ/Producer couple from Austria/Vienna. Both artists have a musical background, playing various instruments themselves such as guitar, bass guitar, classical piano, synth and drums. They first met in 2015 and fell in love. Since then they engaged in their musical journey. During their first encounter the first track was born. Since then Jungle & Juice founded their own label Leisure Music Productions.

Jungle & Juice loves a happy vibe and uplifting music and is mainly releasing and playing music in their favorite genres: Deep House, Afro House, Tech House, Deep Tech and Melodic House and Techno.

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BART und BUSEN is a Vienna‐based DJ and producer duo, consisting of Kamila Pawlowska and Cepp van de Bovenkamp. Kamila is originally from Krakow, Cepp from Los Angeles. Despite their different origins, life led them to Vienna, where they finally met and found private and musical harmony. But long before BART und BUSEN both of them were well known around Europe and Austria. Kamila was a well experienced DJ and a founder and first moment member of the Brunnhilde collective and had played on various big stages all over. Cepp was not only known for his distinctive and unique sets, he was a major organizer and hosted big events in various countries. It was at one of his events that the two got to know each other. But it would take a while until they played their first B2B.

As soon as it happened though there was a mutual musical understanding straight away. And everybody noticed; both of them and the audience. The unbelievable feedback after that and the repeatedly asked question, if they often play together, certainly influenced the decision to create a unity and call it BART und BUSEN. As in private they already formed a well working couple that have now been married for some years the doubling up on the mixer worked great from the first moment on. And because they had so much fun Djing with each other and due to the massive success the solo performances became very rare, it was all BART und BUSEN from now on.

Over the years they have played aside of many big names: Sven Väth, Solomun, KINK, Claptone, Carl Cox, MousseT, Super Flu, Andhim, Monika Kruse, Oliver Koletzki, Wankelmut, AKA AKA, a.s.o. just to name a few. BART und BUSEN are now internationally well known as a guarantee for good, powerful, intense and joyfully exuberant sets. Their style is very extensive and therefore difficult to define as they cover many genres in their musical diversity. House, tech house, deep house, minimal, techno or even disco ‐ music lovers will definitely get their money’s worth here.

And their ever impressive sets full of surprising twists and powerful breaks regularly ensure a super exuberant mood with great collective euphoria often provoking mad dance activities on the dancefloor. BART und BUSEN put a lot of value on the dialogue with the audience: “We want to take the listener on an intense musical journey! You will never hear the same chewing gum sound for hours! “

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Wayne Harber (Feral Deep)


Wayne Harber aka Feral Deep.

Born and raised in South Africa, now hailing from the city of Vienna, he is one of Musical Collectives first members. With almost 20 years of dj experience all over the world, you best believe he knows exactly how to feel a crowd out, get the perfect read on them to garantee an experiences that they will not forget!

With Multiple releases on a variety of record labels (Tretmuehle, Doppeldecker and City Life), one thing is for sure: this guy is in it for the MUSIC. Be sure to check him out whenever you get the chance!

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Let’s talk about Housemusic. Let’s talk about passion. Combine these two things and you’ll know what the name Sugarstarr stands for. Both as a DJ and a Music-Producer this lad from Vienna (Austria) spreads his message worldwide already since the late 90s. As the one half of the Duo Syke’n’Sugarstarr he already started taking us on his Musical journey for a few years. But now it seems he wants to bring it to the max. His agenda is prepared to delight us with even more of his enormous music in the future.

As a DJ-Artist Sugarstarr started his career back in the late 80s already, when the Housemusic-Era was born and blowing up globally. Since that time he’s infected by the energy this type of sound emits. His style was always versatile and freakish, but mainly finely balanced between Nu Disco, Vocal-, Deep-, and Tech-Housemusic. Sometimes peaktime-driven, the other times more classic and slightly minimal. But always funky, housish and soulful. Just to fulfill his duty as an ambassador of stylish dance-floor-pleasing. And the ladies – they still love it.
As a producer and composer Sugarstarr also seem to have a run at the moment. One of his latest singles “Hey Sunshine”, recently out on Enormous Tunes, was one of the most played Ibiza’s anthems of 2015, as well as #1 in the Beatport-House-Charts for more than 8 weeks in a row. Currently the track is ranked in the Top 10 of the Best-Selling-Tunes on Beatport of all time (!!!). Thus – „Hey Sunshine“ is highly supported by colleagues such as Avicii, Oliver Heldens, Claptone, Fedde Le Grand, Sonny Fodera, EDX and many more. A classy sing-along track with that unique vocal, that stucks in your head from the first second on.

During the last 15 years the Hamburg (Germany) born Sugarstarr became an in-demand producer for several major projects, that resulted in the release of massive club-hits on labels such as Spinnin’, Ministry Of Sound, Positiva, Defected, Universal, Subliminal, One Love, Subliminal, Southern Fried, Toolroom etc. Especially along with his studio-partner, as the one half of the duo Syke’n’Sugarstarr. Between 1998 and 2012 these two created massive tunes such as “Ticket 2 Ride”, “Are You Watching Me”, „Danz“, „My Belief“ or „Like That Sound“.
Not to forget – one of the biggest coups out of their studios – the stunning team-up with the legendary CeCe Rogers, to re-present “No Love Lost” all over again. This tune has become a worldwide anthem getting on heavy rotation on the radios and was the Essential New Tune in Pete Tong’s Show for three times. Beside his own projects Sugarstarr was repeatedly involved in the release and production also for/with other artists. This includes releases such as “Like This Like That” (SESA feat. Sharon Phillips; Positiva Rec., UK), “So Many Times” (Gadjo ft. Alexandra Prince) or one of the best-ever-selling Dance-Record in Germany: “For You”, (Disco Boys feat. Manfred Mann’s Earthband), which recently gained Double-Platinum-Status and cemented his reputation as a part of this premier producer-team.

Also worth to mention is Sugarstarr’s 2014 release with Goh that featured Redman & Method Man (Wu-Tang Clan) in a different way. The track called „I Used To Be“ sat well on the No. 1 position on Beatport for six (!) weeks in a row. This newly created style combined Nu Disco with Rap & Hip Hop elements, and is still played out by many big names in the DJ-scene.
But – the most appealing aspect of Sugarstarr, who’s now also signed to Spinnin’ Deep, is just how fresh he sounds. Both with his productions and his DJ’ing, which, as anyone who has seen him behind the decks will know, is as diverse and experimental as his studio work. As a DJ he has been touring massively for the last 18 years, with club-gigs and festivals all over the globe. From NYC to Sydney. From Bogota to Moscow. From Miami back to Europe. The music he plays out can easily be described as Funky-Tech-Housemusic-With-Vocals-And-Soul, focussed to rock the audiences with his groovy and versatile sets. And that kind of freshness is exactly what the world needs right now.


My name is Sugarstarr. I’m a DJ and music-designer and in the biz for 20 years now. I’m touring the world and releasing music on various labels. For 15 yrs I was the one half of the Duo Syke’n’Sugarstarr that you might know from various releases. Generally I’m pretty diverse with my style of sound, but it’s always real Housemusic I’m standing for. Funky Tech- and Deep with a unique twist. Listen to my new releases as well. It’s worth listening to them.

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Babou (MUC / D)


BaBou aka Alexandros Baboulis is a Techhouse DJ based in Munich. In 2016 he started his career as self-taught and got signed by Tabula Records in the same year. Since then he played in renowned clubs and festivals like Kater Blau (Berlin) , Ritter Butzke (Berlin), Isle of Summer Festival (Bavaria), Traumfänger Festival (Bavaria),Harry Klein (Munich) , Bob Beaman (Munich) and many more!

He is also working on his international breakthrough. In the beginning of 2018 he toured with his label and colleague Alchemista to Mexico and brought the clubs in Tulum, Mexico City, Puebla and Querétaro to vibrate. Further events, EP‘s and cooperations with colleagues are already planned.

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Livin2win (NYC / USA)


Born in Bogota Colombia 22 years Aus NYC Queens, to living the last 16 years in Europe Livin2win has a very  diverse taste in music and arts. Influenced from a young age early in the 80s by Rap, growing up in the Bronx Livin2win is a Hip Hop reppin rapper vibeing on electronic beats. Visiting clubs like “The Tunnel”, “Lime Light”, “Twillo” “Palladium” to mention a few Livin2win is  passionate on mixing deep house and tech house beats implementing soulful and funky vocals into his sets.

A true cosmopolitan and a new face on the scene with a whole lot of punch, swag and taste Livin2win is making waves everywhere he goes.

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BinaryFunction (MNC / UK)


UK-based producer and DJ, BinaryFunction, is no novice to the scene. Moving on from Manchester, he relocated to the island of Mauritius in 1991, where he lived for 12 years. He began producing music from 1995 onwards, and took part in a DMC competition coming first. He began DJíing on the island of Mauritius the minute he arrived and quickly built a reputation as the first underground DJ on the island.

His Acid House influences took over and he began DJing in most of the islands biggest clubs, leading him to warm up for French legend Laurent Garnier in 1998 on the neighbouring island Reunion. Since 2004 BinaryFunction returned to his hometown of Manchester and has been honing his production craft and DJing skills, waiting for the opportune moment to release his music.

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Nino Reverb


Nino Vittorio aka Nino Reverb was born in 1992 in Vienna. He discovered his passion for music at young age. Especially Techno & House were the genres that shaped his musical taste. After a DJ training and a creative break in 2012, he finished this training in 2015 and also spent the first hours in the studio producing. In 2016 the first gigs followed, as well as a b2b set with Dennis Ball & the release of his first number Trofunky which was released under the name Vitto Cadenza. In 2018 serveral new projects are coming on.

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Piwo, was born in Guatemala and raised multi-culturally. Aged 18, he moved to Vienna, Austria where he is currently based. His musical roots, lie in the deeper realm of House music, with influences of Soul, Funk and Tech. However, since discovering his passion for electronic music at the age of 15, his sound has been influenced by a wide diversity of genres, resulting in an ever-changing and eclectic sound.

Throughout 2016 Piwo released a couple of unofficial Deep House remixes on Soundcloud, which gained him international attention and support from artists like Flic Flac.

Piwo has also had releases premiered on Guatemalan Radio and hit #15 for four consecutive weeks in July 2017, as well as topping other local charts. The resulting hype led to an official single release on Artist Intelligence Agency’s imprint Hegemon. Lately, he’s been mixing Future Bass and Trap influences with the world of Pop into his productions, ensuring a richer catalogue of musical styles. Genres are not defining, good music is.

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Max Wanderer


No other Austrian DJ has gained international reputation as quickly and with such young age as Max Wanderer has. As one of the early masterminds of legendary Vienna-based open air festival “Kein Sonntag ohne Techno” and as a part of young and fresh artist collective “Junge Wilde” especially, he has played in almost every Austrian night club of importance such as Pratersauna, Sass, Grelle Forelle and Tischlerei as well as diverse festivals such as Urban Artforms, Sun&Sky and Streetparade ever since.

In addition, Wanderer had his first international bookings including Sun Festival in Prague and Bullitt Club in Munich. Max is thoroughly working on his first releases looking to boost his continuously rising career.

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