Daniyal Hassan (Dubai / VAE)


Daniyal Hassan (Dubai) started his music career by playing Lead guitars in a rock band , influenced by John Petrucci Dream Theater , then once a friend made him listen to Electronic Music , and after that Daniyal Started practing EDM on his laptop and also producing tracks plus Dee Jay , He Graduated in music from N.A.P.A in 2012 . He started recording his mixes and took Djing seriously. He’s mastered the crafts of sound creation, experimentation, and electronic exploration.

He’s spent years honing these skills, and now, he’s filtering years of experience ,Host of “The Amulet” and now Currently hosting (Loop’D) Radio Show on Digitally Imported Radio,he got various djs on his show as guests the most famous ones are Saeed Younan ,Adrian Hour, Dj Tarkan, Darin Epsilon & many more , His Main Genres include Progressive House , Tech House , Deep House , he likes other genres like Electro , Minimal , Techno and many more .. Has Remixed a few tracks by Chemical Brothers and many more … and now playing gigs and at various clubs in Dubai and Thailand ! His first Ep “Sirius” got released on 19th Feb 2018 label (Mystic Carousel Records) part 2 of the Ep will be released in June , and a Track in April in Compilation (This Is Underground 17) called “One At A Time”

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Loopus K


In times of EDM’s dominancy in the worldwide music scene it’s rather difficult to find originals. Due to the rejuvenescence of DJs and Producers it’s hard to meet Discjockeys who still stick to the goodness of oldschool DJs work. But don’t be afraid – help is just around the corner – ’cause Loopus K is one of them.

Inspired by the early works of the likes of Marshall Jefferson, DJ Spen, Karizma or Dennis Ferrer, Loopus K became a resident DJ at one of Vienna’s hotspots in the late eighties and so was one of Austrias very first DJs who mixed the typical late 80s / early 90s sound with drops of the first and finest house tunes that you could possibly get from your local record dealer.

Not much has changed ever since: Apart from housemusic becoming an commercial worldwirde mass phenomenon only few people have chosen to stick to their roots, stand for the origin of all electronic music nowadays and sort the audiences ears with what was the beginning of all EDM and electronic music: Deep, soulful, disco-ish, oldschool house tunes.

Loopus K is: A music lover – A DJ from heart – A Defected addict (who isn’t) – A housemusic purist.

And so are his sets: deep, soulful, thoughtful, but always with a modern approach and always with one (or two) eyes on the dancefloor. So if you are looking for pure housemusic, an oldschool vibe plus the ability to commit oneself to his audience – Loopus K is one of the last advocates of true house music. An ambassador of original values. A musician at heart. And just the guy you’ve been looking for.

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“Morgen”, with real name Dominik Gafiuk, is an Austrian DJ, producer and promoter of different electronic music events. Dominik found his love for music in his early childhood. His DJ carrer started in 1996. Soon he became an integral part of the Austrian DJ scene.

2015 was the year of change to start with fresh sound and new pseudonym so “Morgen” was born. His driving and wide ranged sound is an unspoken invitation to move your body to the beat. A night with “Morgen” means always: 100% PURE GROOVE!

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Red Cork


Jordan Hofstetter aka Red Cork (Strasbourg, France): Fascinated since he was 14 years old, music is a way to express himself. Highly motivated, he tested through a dj software to combine multiple musics to bring his personal touch. He found his first residence in a bar where he took the opportunity to train relentlessly on deck to be able to control hearing and create his own style.

By recording his mixes and publishing them on social networks, he managed to discover the general public! Spotted by qualified deejays who gave him advices, thanks to its energy, he progressed in order to become the one we know today as Red Cork.

In June 2014, he mixed on FUN RADIO (Belgium) in a program Special MASHUPS and of UP RADIO Clubnight (Radio Clubbing Belgium).

February 2015, he mixed in Basel, Switzerland, at a Valentine’s Day Special Party (Gay Clubbing). Finally Dj Red Cork produces a monthly podcast, series of MASHUPS, BOOTLEGS and other MIXES.

Since 2016 he mixes every year in Zurich in Switzerland for the Parties “Purple Moon”.

Since 2017 he produces Tech House Music, signing at 2 labels “Cadillac Records” based in Italy and “DopeCodedTech” based in Germany.

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LØWE (deeperthanyou)


Music has a great influence on my life and personality. I can’t imagine a single day without listening to my favourite stuff or discovering new tracks especially in the deep and electronic genre. Today when it seems impossible to escape from the shitty commercial stuff I find it to be even more important to share some unconventional high quality music.

The kind of music I present in my mixes touches my soul. Successfully sharing this kind of emotion with my audience on the dance floor is a great experience and appreciation of my work as DJ, producer and music selector.

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XtrovetDJ (Durban / SA)


XtrovetDJ is a South African DJ/Producer/Remixer/Mixing & Mastering Engineer and aspiring entrepreneur who is passionate about the music business and making beats.

His love for House Music started at the age of 17 making beats.He grew up listening to South africa’s biggest genre “Kwaito Music”, and then in 2014 he succesfully completed a Music Production short course at “Pond of Watts” at the Age of 20. in 2016 he Did the Music Production full course at “SoulCandi Institute Of Music”

XrovetDJ is one of the premier artists of this electronic generation, XtrovetDJ has amassed a vast discography. Initially influenced by his homeland and the worlds of Minimal,DeepHouse,Soulful. XtrovetDJ has grown to embrace all genres and establish a wide-ranging production style that represents the array of emotions fuelling his creativity.

XtrovetDJ disregard for boundaries has catapulted his genre-diverse Lost & Found imprint into one of the most highly regarded brands in the underground. The Movement celebrates diversity and XtrovetDJ encourages submissions that remain unconditionally true to the artist. The result is a catalogue best described as “good electronic music” — in its purest form.

XtrovetDJ live and studio mixes are beloved by house, deephouse and Soulfullhouse enthusiasts en masse and have helped propel his prominence globally. His sets are hypnotic treks through the entire spectrum of house music, composed with an assortment of originals, remixes and edits. XtrovetDJ has the freedom to melt together melodies from all genres thanks to his production prowess and masterful touch with Cubase,Reason,ableton live softwares.

His list of ultra-impressive accolades is extensive and continually growing, yet XtrovetDJ remains his emotional and modest self. XtrovetDJ innate sensitivity and strong belief in what you put into this world, you will receive from it, bind him to uncompromising honesty in his relationships, and of course, his music.

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Adelante / Unmuted (MUC / D)


For these three Munich based guys music has always been a connection on a higher level that linked them just like invisible strings. At some point it became a logical decision to leave the dancefloor and to reach out for the decks. The producer and DJ collective Adelante was born. The name Adelante originates from the term that is widely used in Spain and South America and paraphrases the order ahead! which is the subliminal credo of the boys.

Lines drawn between single genres like Deep-, Tech-, Afro-House or Techno are effortlessly trespassed within their productions and DJ sets as they often contain moving and percussive elements as well as melodic and deep ones. Being residents at the unmuted events Adelante was given the playground to perform DJ sets e. g. at the Starkstrom Festival and the famous Harry Klein Club in Munich. In 2018 Adelante also joined the Austrian crew of Musical.Collective based in Vienna.

This year Adelante is finally going for their first releases – e. g. on the Ibiza based label Haustronaut. The story only just started…..wanna be a part of it? Here are the next dates:

22.07.18: Traumfänger Festival, München
09.08.18: Harry Klein unmuted Vol. 6

March 29, 2018


Motoe Haus (BER / D)


Motoe Haus, born as Nathan Filby, Owner, Haustronaut Records.

Motoe Haus, an accomplished producer and dj originally from Victoria, Canada has been ripping up dance floors in the white magic island since 2014. Having earned residencies at Heart Ibiza as the headliner for Submission, Social at Boutique Hostal Salinas featuring his own label showcase, he has also been busy with his own label – haustronaut.

In addition to playing alongside Nick Warren for The Soundgarden events he has also played at Zoo Project events, Monochrome Mountain, Acid Sunday/s, and many villa and cave parties including B2B dj sets with Maceo Plex and other guests and residents for the Mosaic by Maceo daytime events and multiple afterparties!

Having played last winter in Berlin’s Ritter Butzke, Tel Aviv’s Cat & Dog Club, Vienna’s Sass, Auslage, and Goodman, Prague’s Radost FX & Le Valmont and others he is now back for another winter season involving dates in Vienna, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Chamonix and Amsterdam. Whilst based in Berlin for the winter, Motoe Haus rocks will return to Ibiza with his Summer residencies and showcases from his label.


Recently, Motoe Haus, an accomplished producer and dj, has been ripping up dance floors in Ibiza from Heart as the headline resident dj for Submission, Social at Boutique Hostal Salinas, played alongside Nick Warren for The Soundgarden events, 5 Zoo Project events, Monochrome Mountain, Acid Sundays, Haustronaut label events, Unusual Suspects closing and many villa and cave parties, and he played a couple B2B sets with Maceo Plex for the Mosaic afterparties! Berlin’s Ritter Butzke, Tel Aviv’s Cat&Dog Club, Vienna’s SassAuslage, and Goodmann, Prague’s Radost FX & Le Valmont, and Liverpool’s Brickworks. With ongoing weekly radio shows on IbizaLive Radio & WhiteFM, as well as guest sets on Ibiza Global Radio, SoundTrip & SmileFM. Motoe Haus has created multiple events in support of his growing Ibiza based imprint Haustronaut Recordings including: Purple Sessions, MIX, Social, Redroom Sessions, Marshion, & LIVEset. He is actively releasing records on Haustronaut and many other labels as well as podcasts on various channels including his 01/01/17 Rondo release which was 1st Berlin, 10th Underground, 52nd Techno, 58th Deep House and 89th House in the Mixcloud charts as well as consistently top charting djs sets all year… Motoe Haus is, in all functionality, a machine.


Along with opening for Clapton in Liverpool and his own bookings for the upcoming series of events by the name of “Unpacked”, he also maintains his ongoing weekly radio shows on IbizaLiveRadio & WhiteFM, as well as guest sets on Ibiza Global Radio, Deep Space Detroit, Pure Ibiza, Frisky Radio, SoundTrip & SmileFM.

Motoe Haus has created multiple events in support of his growing Ibiza based imprint Haustronaut Recordings including: Purple Sessions, MIX, Redroom Sessions, Marshion, & LIVEset, whilst at the same time actively releasing records on Haustronaut and many other labels. To add to this he also produces podcasts on various channels including his 01/01/17 Rondo release which was 1st Berlin, 10th Underground, 52nd Techno, 58th Deep House and 89th House on Mixcloud as well as consistent top charting dj sets all year…for the moment and future references Motoe Haus is, in all functionality, a machine.

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