Red Cork


Jordan Hofstetter aka Red Cork (Strasbourg, France): Fascinated since he was 14 years old, music is a way to express himself. Highly motivated, he tested through a dj software to combine multiple musics to bring his personal touch. He found his first residence in a bar where he took the opportunity to train relentlessly on deck to be able to control hearing and create his own style.

By recording his mixes and publishing them on social networks, he managed to discover the general public! Spotted by qualified deejays who gave him advices, thanks to its energy, he progressed in order to become the one we know today as Red Cork.

In June 2014, he mixed on FUN RADIO (Belgium) in a program Special MASHUPS and of UP RADIO Clubnight (Radio Clubbing Belgium).

February 2015, he mixed in Basel, Switzerland, at a Valentine’s Day Special Party (Gay Clubbing). Finally Dj Red Cork produces a monthly podcast, series of MASHUPS, BOOTLEGS and other MIXES.

Since 2016 he mixes every year in Zurich in Switzerland for the Parties “Purple Moon”.

Since 2017 he produces Tech House Music, signing at 2 labels “Cadillac Records” based in Italy and “DopeCodedTech” based in Germany.

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