BART und BUSEN is a Vienna‐based DJ and producer duo, consisting of Kamila Pawlowska and Cepp van de Bovenkamp. Kamila is originally from Krakow, Cepp from Los Angeles. Despite their different origins, life led them to Vienna, where they finally met and found private and musical harmony. But long before BART und BUSEN both of them were well known around Europe and Austria. Kamila was a well experienced DJ and a founder and first moment member of the Brunnhilde collective and had played on various big stages all over. Cepp was not only known for his distinctive and unique sets, he was a major organizer and hosted big events in various countries. It was at one of his events that the two got to know each other. But it would take a while until they played their first B2B.

As soon as it happened though there was a mutual musical understanding straight away. And everybody noticed; both of them and the audience. The unbelievable feedback after that and the repeatedly asked question, if they often play together, certainly influenced the decision to create a unity and call it BART und BUSEN. As in private they already formed a well working couple that have now been married for some years the doubling up on the mixer worked great from the first moment on. And because they had so much fun Djing with each other and due to the massive success the solo performances became very rare, it was all BART und BUSEN from now on.

Over the years they have played aside of many big names: Sven Väth, Solomun, KINK, Claptone, Carl Cox, MousseT, Super Flu, Andhim, Monika Kruse, Oliver Koletzki, Wankelmut, AKA AKA, a.s.o. just to name a few. BART und BUSEN are now internationally well known as a guarantee for good, powerful, intense and joyfully exuberant sets. Their style is very extensive and therefore difficult to define as they cover many genres in their musical diversity. House, tech house, deep house, minimal, techno or even disco ‐ music lovers will definitely get their money’s worth here.

And their ever impressive sets full of surprising twists and powerful breaks regularly ensure a super exuberant mood with great collective euphoria often provoking mad dance activities on the dancefloor. BART und BUSEN put a lot of value on the dialogue with the audience: “We want to take the listener on an intense musical journey! You will never hear the same chewing gum sound for hours! “

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