Robert Willem Diem (Pique)


“Robert Willem Diem, also known as Pique, is a Vienna based Singer Songwriter, producer and electro enthusiast. Over the years he was deeply involved in projects of all genres like Indie Rock (Spleen), Psychedelic (Ideologically Induced Intuitions) & Blues Rock (KOSMA), Spheric Acoustic Pop (Pique Acoustic) and also pursued a career as a solo Singer Songwriter (Pique). Currently, he is the front man of a Progressive Stoner Rock band called “The Jupiter Effect”.

In the context of Musical Collective he is the one taking on exploring the technical and emotional possibilities of fusing rock inspired guitar and vocal parts with electronic (Deep- & Tech-) House music. His former project, Holzhouse, played numerous shows in that context. Back then, he and his former partner Moritz Fritsch were producing Deep House tracks by combining the sounds of every-day objects, acoustic instruments like guitars, celli or Hangdrums and analogue synth sounds. His new Electro project APAKAT focuses on finding the exact proportion that makes digitally enhanced electric guitars and vocals played over state of the art Deep-Techhouse tracks sound awesome.

Robert was with the Musical Collective from the start. He is a strong supporter of the cause and a personal friend to the founding members. He will gladly sit down with anyone who has questions about anything in regards to the crossover between DJs and live instrumentalists. You can also ask him about the meaning of life, but you better have a bottle of vodka at hand for that one.”

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